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Clinical studies and biobanks

Overview of all our clinical studies and available biobanks

Normal control pediatric populations:

Leipzig school children project:
= representative normal populations
n~3000 total; n~1200 for consented DNA analysis

LIFE Child Health:
= longitudinal childhood population including detailed anthropometric and metabolic phenotyping
n>3500 total (ongoing)

Obese pediatric populations:

Leipzig Obesity Childhood Cohort:
incl. detailed phenotyping and oGTT's n>2200 (incl. follow-ups n>500)

Leipzig Atherobesity Childhood Cohort:
obese children n=100 and lean children n=70
incl. detailed metabolic and cardiovascular phenotyping and MRI scans as well as follow-up data

LIFE Child Obesity:
= longitudinal childhood population incl. detailed metabolic phenotyping
n>340 participants in total (n>680 visits, incl. follow-ups)

Special populations:

Intervention in obese children:
= inpatients, 6 week exercise intervention
n=62 incl. detailed phenotyping

Leipzig Circadian Rhythm Cohort:
= young healthy lean and obese adults incl. frequent serum sampling over 30 h
n=59 incl. detailed metabolic phenotyping

Adipose tissue pediatric biobank:
= adipose tissue samples from lean and obese children incl. consented DNA analysis
n=467 total currently (incl. 395 samples), ongoing study

Pediatric populations for genotyping:

n~1000 incl. MetaboChip data:
cohorts contributed to MAGIC and EGG consortia, collaborations and publications
- Metabolic traits (Scott, Nature genet Epub) collaboration
- intrauterine growth (Hokoshi, Nature Epub) collaboration
- available for own analyses

n>2000 incl. targeted (candidate) genetic analyses and GWAS replication:
- FTO (Dina, Nat genet 2007) collaboration
- GWAS (Meyre, Nat genet 2009; Scherag, PLoS genet 2010) collaboration
- TCF7L2 (Körner, JCEM 2007)
- Metabolic traits (Windholz, PLoS One 2011)
- GPR120 (Ichimura, Nature Epub) collaboration

n~3000 incl. ExomeChip data (currently done in collaboration with Wellcome Trust, UK):
- available for own analyses (in collaboration with WTTC)


n~5000 data sets from according cohorts (ongoing)

n~2750 lean, n~1750 obese (ongoing)

n~2800 incl. consented DNA analysis (ongoing)

n>1800 incl. oGTT's (ongoing)

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